Financial Fitness Mastery

An expedited Road map for You to Become FINANCIALLY and TIME Independent


“If you are not financially independent by the time you are 40 or 50, it doesn’t mean that you are living in the wrong country or at the wrong time.

It simply means that you have the wrong financial plan.”

                                                                                                   Jim Rohn

If you don’t like, where you are today (financially, physically, emotionally, professionally, and in relationships) then change it.

Do You Still Worry About Money?

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   Do you feel that your goals and dreams are moving apart day by day, month by month,

year by year, or not sure when you will achieve your financial freedom?

  You definitely need a proven value based plan or road map that will help you move

  towards your ideal life—a fool proof plan that will guide you, coach you, and

      track you towards your best life you want to enjoy as quickly as possible.

                                   The ideal life will give you more time to do the things that you want to do …

that are important to you and that you enjoy.





Building Wealth Is A Puzzle

It’s a complicated and sometimes overwhelming and mystified puzzle to many people, which is why only few achieve financial and time freedom.

  • What are the things you need to do?
  • What’s the best, simplest, and most effective way to do them?
  • What are the proper sequence of events or tasks which one need to do?

Getting right at every step, and doing in strategic order, can bring financial success.

However, just simply any or few pieces or wrong placement can cause the Full house of cards to plummet.

Financial Freedom wheel need not be reinvented; it is to be followed and executed rigorously.

We have already mastered the financial freedom puzzle step-by-step and it just has to be painted in numbers and sequenced them for you to achieve both time and money freedom.

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Financial freedom doesn’t require special talents, creative genius, privileges, or luck.

You don’t go to win KBC, or participate in Indian Idol, or Roadies or Sare Ga Ma Pa or Dhee to become rich.

All can do it, and there are lot of stories about normal people like attendants, beggars, faculty members, or clerks in an exceedingly small office, relinquishing crores of rupees legacies to prove the theory of financial mastery is easy.

The reason that anyone will be able to do it is because there’s a science to realise financial and time freedom.

It’s a repeatable, duplicable, consistent method that anyone can follow.

Financial Road Map is So Simple That It Is Summed Up Into Barely 3 Sentences:

  • Always earn more and spend less.
  • Divert the savings to invest smartly.
  • Have a proven road map, execute continuously and review consistently until you realise the financial fitness dream.


You may say that this can be done and is already known to most of the people and what’s the difference about this?

Here Is The Root Cause.
  • Prudence or Frugal people suggest SAVE MORE

  • Career mentors say EARN MORE

  • Investment gurus preach INVEST WISELY

  • Personality development and productivity tutors say STAY COURSE.

ALMOST NO COACH guides you to create and style a wealth mastery plan on proven principles combining all the above aspects of EARNING MORE, SPENDING LESS, SAVING MORE, and INVESTING SMARTLY, STAYING on the right track and EVALUATING the trail.

financial freedom

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There are 7 master pieces or 7 packs to realize financial fitness or fitness pack carefully engineered and designed with dynamic process for you to attain financial and time freedom.

Financial freedom is never a troublesome or that difficult on paper, however, it’s difficult to follow religiously as lot of headwinds and uncertainties in life take us away from track, and that’s why only a few people reach the target of real economic, financial and time freedom.

The crucial task is it needs specific responses to every effort in a very systematic order.

You will have to connect the puzzle in exceedingly sequential tasks, and conquer all said steps coupled with accuracy towards financial and time freedom, else you may fail.

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Click here to book a meeting at no cost for your personalised wealth mastery plan


Financial freedom could be tough, delicate, and uncertain as series of events may make it susceptible to failure at many levels in 7 packs.

And that’s why most fail. It’s also why one must take the separate but comprehensive steps towards solving the puzzle or attaining the 7 pack fitness to integrate each puzzle carefully. Hence personalised, well-engineered, comprehensive plan is what you would like to aim for real economic, financial and time freedom.

This is specifically what my financial mastery consultation will work for you. Every step of financial fitness pack is evaluated separately and carefully linked towards comprehensive plan. It’s a carefully individualised, designed and totally integrated blueprint is presented to you for achieving your financial and time freedom.


Still doubtful and then you may consider asking below questions to yourself.

  • If I keep doing or repeating or continue the identical financial habits which I was doing for the past few years, where will I be 1 year, 5 years and 10 years from now? What must change so as to enhance current lifestyle?
  • Am I bored with doing all the trial and error methods suggested and steered by my relations, friends, colleagues, and financial advisors and couldn’t able to follow a scientifically proven blueprint?
  • What are going to be totally different this time or different tasks which I shall try this time compared to rest of the times I tried?
  • Do I need more financial and time freedom so that I can do what I would like, , whenever I like, and with whomever I like?
  • Do I have got the need to try the work necessary to become financially independent?

If answer to any of the question is “yes”, then it’s just a matter of clicking for appointment and picking the correct next Step based on your values and needs to move towards the financial independence.

Most people would just need simply 1 or pair of steps to attain their financial fitness and time freedom that is holding them; there could also be few missing tasks which must be coupled or simple few steps that need to be focussed, so you will win your financial fitness and time freedom.

Which Step Are You In?

1. Not having enough money by month end and want to feel more money?
2. Arguing with family members about money and want peace of financial mind?
3. Have huge loans, paying hefty interests and want to be out of loans?
4. Tired of living from pay cheque to pay cheque and want financial security?
5. Worried about kids future costs and want to give them the best?
6. Financial investments are very volatile or stagnant and want an upsurge in investments?
7. Taking actions but, poor results and want to improve money productivity?
8. Have a decent asset base and looking for strategies to get second income from assets?
9. Worrying about retirement phase and want to optimize the relaxation period income?
10. Want to leverage strategies that give good returns without risking much?

The reality is, you have spent lot of time to read this far, you are definitely looking to achieve some serious level of financial and time freedom. That means you will definitely benefit from our process that clears your road map and simplifies your financial journey to make it far more efficient.

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