Cash Flow

We Work With Individuals and Families in All Phases of Life.

Your personal finances and investments can become overwhelming and complex. At Sampadha, our main goal is to simplify your financial life.

Financial Planning

Cash Flow or Income Expense Management:

  1. Merged Finances vs Separated Finances Benefits Analysis
  2. Cash flows Forecasting, Planning, and management
  3. Stability of Income Sources Analysis
  4. Alignment of Spending with Goals and Values
  5. Allocating and Bucketing cash or savings by Goals
  6. Analysis of Job / Business for better income
  7. Expense Analysis to find forgetten expense or unneeded expense
  8. Categorisation, Prioritisation and Allocation for Expenses
  9. Setting Cash Balance Targets
  10. Home Buy vs Lease vs Rent
  11. Car Buy vs Lease vs Subscription
  12. Contingent Fund Planning
  13. Opportunity Fund Planning
  14. Sabbatical or work break Planning
  15. Vacation Home Planning
  16. Funds or Liquidity Requirements Analysis and Planning
  17. Unique Circumstances Analysis
  18. Reserves and Liquidity Needs
  19. Income Vitals Analysis

Are we right for you?

Find out if we’re a good match for your financial planning and investment management needs. We offer a free, no-obligation consultation to help us get to know each other. We can meet by phone, in-person, or online.

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