Service Evaluation

We Work With Individuals and Families in All Phases of Life.

Your personal finances and investments can become overwhelming and complex. At Sampadha, our main goal is to simplify your financial life.

Our 32 Service Evaluation parameters

Apart from Initial consultation, You pay us only when any of these 5 are achieved

Our Service Evaluation

1. You have more time freedom
2. Your goals realisation time reduced
3. You have more money for goal realisations
4. You are contingent ready

5. Your emotional happines has increased
6. Your fears reduced or eliminated
7. Your risk eliminated or reduced

8. Your taxes planned and reduced
9. Your take home salary increased
10. Your capital appreciation has accelrated
11. Your retirement kitty has grown
12. Your retirement kitty is more safe

13. Your family is secure
14. Your family has back up income
15. Your family has back up for goals

16. your networth is increased

17. Your assets has increased
18. Your financial vitals are improved
19. Your savings rate has improved
20. Your assets earnings rate has improved
21. Your assets post tax returns has improved

22. Your active income has increased
23. Your passive income has increased

24. Your loans have reduced
25. Your loans are cleared in lesser time
26. Your bad loans are converted to good loans
27. Your expenses are smartly routed to goals

28. Your unregulated investments are converted to regulated
29. Your asset’s risks are reduced

30. Your assets transfer plan is updated
31. Your legacy is improved

32. your financial process efficiency has improved

Are we right for you?

Find out if we’re a good match for your financial planning and investment management needs. We offer a free, no-obligation consultation to help us get to know each other. We can meet by phone, in-person, or online.

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