We Work With Individuals and Families in All Phases of Life.

Your personal finances and investments can become overwhelming and complex. At Sampadha, our main goal is to simplify your financial life.

process of planning

Process of Planning

1. Identify Objectives, goals, aspirations, and dreams
2. Prioritise objectives, goals, aspirations
3. Gather information
4. Analyse information
5. Propose recommendations
6. discuss and modify recommendations
7. implement or execute
8. track progress and do course corrections


Step 1:- Initial Appointment or Consultation Schedule (5 mins) (You, our Assistant)

Step 2:- Initial Consultation and Financial Freedom Consultation (1 hour) (You, Other decision-makers, Rao Sir, Junior Planner)

Step 3:- Plan and Strategy Development (Depends on case to case, min 15 mins, max 2hrs) (Rao Sir, other key services planner)

Step 4:- Plan and Strategy Briefing (1 hour) (You, Other decision-makers, Rao Sir, Junior Planner, Implementation Executive)

Step 5:- Implementation (Depends on your passion and dedication, min 1 week, max 3 months) (You, Other decision makers, Junior Planner, Implementation Executive).

Our Fees Structure​

Our Fees Structure

We are your family CFO, and you are your family CEO,

A CEO makes sure he pays well for his CFO, so that he takes care of your finances well

Our Fees Structure

  • Only Flat Fees,
  • No tiered fees,
  • No Hourly basis fees,
  • No project-based fees
  • No Aum-based fees,
  • No performance-based fees,

Inputs to set fees level

150 services parameters to make sure you acheive goals in simple, secured, safest and shortest way possible
32 evaluation parameters to make sure you acheive goals in simple, secured, safest and shortest way possible

Payment Structure

Initial subscription – upfront fees
renewal or ongoing fees – monthly

No other agents or brokers or advisors or auditors can deliver this comprehensive value, its only sampadha.

సంపద సలహా ఉంటే, సంతోషం మీ వెంటే.

Watch Our Unique and Comprehensive Financial Planning Show

You did not complete your schooling in 1 Year, it took 2 decades
you are going to have a work-life of more than 2 decades,
then I expect to work with my clients for a minimum of 1 decade and help you to achieve goals in the simplest, secure, safest, and shortest way possible

If you cannot work with me for that long, then we are not suitable for you

Are we right for you?

Find out if we’re a good match for your financial planning and investment management needs. We offer a free, no-obligation consultation to help us get to know each other. We can meet by phone, in-person, or online.

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