Asset Management

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Your personal finances and investments can become overwhelming and complex. At Sampadha, our main goal is to simplify your financial life.

Income Expense Management

Asset Management:

1. Optimise Returns on Cash Holdings and Bank Balances
2. Segregation of Emotional Attached and Allocated for Goals Assets
3. Segregation of Income generating assets and assets becoming liabilities
4. Segregation of Assets into Capital Protection, Capital Preservation, Capital Appreciation, Income Generation and Retirement Planning
5. Asset Liability Mapping or Loan Repayment Allocation
6. Risk Profile Report
7. Asset Class Interest and Understandings
8. Return needed to acheive goal
9. Asset Allocation target return Benchmarks
10. Asset and Holding Selection
11. Performance Objectives and attributes
12. Future Performance of Assets Analysis
13. Asset Allocation Vitals Analysis
14. Networth Vitals Analysis

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